3 Things to Do in Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant: Up-and-coming hood, cooler than your average

Vancouver.ca describes Mount Pleasant as: ‘a vibrant and eclectic area known for its unusual stores, heritage buildings, artistic residents, and arts-focused festivals. The area is popular with first-time homebuyers, urban professionals, and families.’

In exploring the neighbourhood for research-intensive purposes, we found these gems:

1. Dude Chilling Park

We’re not kidding you, this is actually what it’s called… and Dude, it’s a chilling park. The sign installation was originally a part of a prank, but now has an official art status in Vancouver. Officially, the park is known as Guelph Park (boring). The “dude” in question is in reference to a large wooden sculpture in the park that unsurprisingly looks as if he’s “chillin”. If you’re a dude or dudette looking for a place to hang out, this is your spot.


2. Cartem’s Donuterie

Don’t call it a donut shop – it’s a donuterie, mon amie. So when asked “why the name Cartem?”, the founder of this hipster joint said it came from a dream. Unimpressed with Mr. Horton’s performance, he set out to do donuts different. We absolutely loved their concept and were fully prepared to check our will power at the door – these things are addictive. Besides the joys of deep fried and sprinkled goodness, we loved Cartem’s for their casual, laid back environment. A few standouts: salted caramel, earl grey, apple fritter

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3. The Fox Cabaret

Apparently this was once an old Indian porn theatre. ‘The VCR decimated adult movie theatres, but The Fox was a stubborn and sleazy holdout.” Now, The Fox Cabaret is now the neighbourhood go-to for high quality independent music, art, performance, and entertainment. What’s special? Leopard print walls, a sparkle inlaid bar, and moody pendant lights.

For daytime fun, a mid-day snack, and late night entertainment – here are my picks for the top 3 things to do and see in the ‘cooler than  your average’ hood of Mount Pleasant.

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