My Hood is Mission Dolores, San Francisco – Blake McCammon


Hackathon Producer and Unicorn Lover, Blake McCammon is the CMO/Co-Founder of Protohack and Events & Marketing Manager of Looksharp. He’s originally from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, lived in Denver, Colardo and now calls San Francisco, California home. @rblake

blakeWhat’s your hood?

Blake: #myHood is Mission Dolores (more popularly known as the Mission)

What about this neighbourhood do you love?

Blake: I am basically in the heart of San Francisco. I live within walking distances to the greatest number of nightlife, grocery stores, shops, and I’m a quick 7 minute MUNI ride downtown.

What’s something only a local would know about this neighbourhood?

Blake: If there was one hidden secret, it would be that Dolores Park is the place to be on Sunday afternoons. Lots of people, fun, and drinking in the park!

What’s something you’d share with someone new to the neighbourhood?

Blake: It’s the best neighborhood in San Francisco! I would tell them about all the bars and shops that they can get to by walking.

What’s your favourite spot in the neighbourhood?

Blake: There is a bar called Blackbird that serves amazing cocktails.

Mission Dolores on a beautiful, busy Sunday afternoon

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