Millennials on the Move

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Yes we live at home with mom and dad as Millennials, but there is also rationale that proves we are a generation of movers! Research discussed recently on suggests that “59% of 18-35 year olds currently in a locale other than their hometown.” The research also stated that more than 80% of Millennials have moved during some period of their life. We move in search of jobs, happiness projects, and of course… love.

As proven by social media this generation of people loves to share their lives and travels. They are a completely diverse group of individuals and happen to be the most in tune with tech in terms of generations we’ve seen…yet. Another survey conducted by, of “1,000 U.S. renters between the ages of 18 and 34, Millennial’s have one other thing they’re known for: They’re a generation of movers.”

The world is their oyster! With technology connecting us in a way it never has before not only is the whole world this generations dating pool – it also allows for their resume to be viewed across the globe. So we get to move wherever we want, and work wherever we want, and love whomever we want. We’re more connected than we have ever been! Why not explore this crazy world we live in!

While some Millennials move for work, others move for new experiences. This generation seems to be chasing something, and are always looking for the next adventure. It’s because we have the world at our feet, and it’s in desperate need of exploring. Not only do we learn in classrooms, but we’re able to learn in different places, and about different cultures by immersing ourselves into them physically! In an era where mental health is on the forefront of everyone’s minds Millennials find themselves moving to help themselves feel better. Healthy mindset is important to this generation of people and they move to places that better fit their lifestyles and over all happiness.

The Forbes and the article also goes on to suggest that another reason Millennial’s move is that they fall in love with someone that doesn’t live where they are from. It is said that 46% have moved for love. Seeing has geographic location doesn’t have a limit when you are technology based, people fall in love all over the world. Millennials are a generation that will move across the country in the overall pursuit of love and relationship bliss.

With apps like Tinder, Bumble, and all other online dating sites – dating outside of your zip code is simpler than ever. Why not move across the country for love? What do you have to lose? The thing is Millennials know they can always come back home again. We do live with our parents for extended periods of time after all…

It is important to note that while Millennials seem to be on the move they are still focused on money. Before they make moves they take into account the job market of a city, cost of living, and earning potential. This generation is willing to move to a new place to escape unemployment while also risking the fact that it might be costly to do so. Millennials are moving, and it’s because of technology.


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