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I was confused and alarmed this weekend when I was walking through my neighbourhood to hear crunching of leaves at my feet. How was this happening? I was just settling into summer weather and sleeping in front of my fan. This season always seems to take the longest to arrive and the quickest to leave. I’m hoping for a beautiful September to ease back into scarves and boots, but in the mean time I’m going to hit summer hard this week – I need material for my back to school report on “how did you spend your summer?” Check out what’s on my to-do list:

The Vancouver Mural Festival happened on August 20th and over 35 pieces of street art have been added to the city! It’s a wonderful addition to so many different communities and buildings; I’m so lucky that so many are in my ‘hood’ of Mount Pleasant. If you reside in Vancouver, what a perfect way to spend an afternoon by grabbing a coffee, taking a stroll and checking out the new and old murals the city has to offer (see the map of all the murals here). I personally really enjoyed the one pictured below, the giraffe clearly stole the show – and apparently I’m as tall as a dumpster.

VAG (aka the Vancouver Art Gallery) is in the heart of downtown Vancouver, and I’m embarrassed to admit it took me far too long into my Vancouver life to visit this gallery. It’s weird because whenever I visit a new place or city, museums and art galleries are always on the top of my list; I guess I just took for granted the VAG would always be there. Anyways! I went to a FUSE event this year and it was fantastic (go see Smashup before September 5th!) I loved the lay out and the architecture: it felt like there were hidden rooms and then all of sudden you’re on a roof top and a dance party is going on. The Picasso exhibit currently on right now is on my to-do list for this week, followed by a beverage on their adorable patio.

We are now nearing October, Pumpkin Spice Season! There is still plenty to enjoy and do around the city! Comment below and let us know what you enjoy most about the Fall!



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