10 things to know before moving to Vancouver


It is one of the prettiest cities in the world.

We have oceans and mountains, and so much greenery. You’ll be able to anything outdoorsy whenever you’d want. Plus with our mild weather it is a treat to drive 30 minutes to get your snow fixes on the slopes for a day.

You might find it hard to find a place to live

Not to worry though! Lett can help with this, just check out our services at Lett.io. Vacancy rates in Vancouver a usually lower than 1%, but there is always hope! Places don’t spend a lot of time on the market, so you have to be quick and know what you’re doing to land a place!

Make sure you know where you’re moving in terms of different neighbourhoods

Are you a Hipster? Yogi? Business Professional? Health Nut? Vancouver has neighbourhoods for all different kinds of people, make sure you end up in the one that suits you best! They are all different and unique so this is important!

Everyone is super chill.

We have a laid back culture here on the west coast, and you’ll notice that no one here is ever really in a huge rush, there isn’t much angst, and you’ll enjoy the layered chill atmosphere.

It is not hard to make friends

Most people here are from somewhere else, and you can find a great group of friends and enjoy the city even more!

The city is home to Hipsters

We are embedded in a sick music scene, and an epic art scene. We enjoy our coffee, and trendy doughnuts. We’re home to an epic start up scene, and it’s a great place to live if you share the same loves!

Rain doesn’t stop anyone here.

You don’t get to stay inside on the rainy days here. It rains all the time, so we put on our rain jackets, take out our umbrellas, and make sure our feet stay dry and trudge through!

Umbrella Class

Make sure you don’t be an umbrella side walk hog with a giant umbrella, also make sure you lift your umbrella when approaching someone! Always leave wet umbrellas outside to dry – because bringing them inside just creates a sopping mess! On the plus side most restaurants have a bin to put your umbrellas in!

We Smoke Weed

Probably another reason some of us are so laid back. Medical Marijuana dispensaries are all over Vancouver, and if you decide to indulge it is pretty accessible.

We love it here!

We are proud to be from the west coast! We are little weirdo’s and we love where we live! Come join us!

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