3 Top Unconventional Places to do Yoga in Vancouver


This list of the 3 Top Unconventional Places to do Yoga in Vancouver is courtesy of guest blogger Anita Cheung.

Photo Credit: Amy Teixeira (amyteixeira.com)
Photo Credit: Amy Teixeira (amyteixeira.com)

Anita Cheung is the owner of The Social Yoga, a nomadic studio that provides an alternative to a typical yoga class experience. Classes are weekly, small group and progressive- so you can actually get to know the people you’re with and up your yoga game at the same time. Each month features classes in a different space around town. The intention is to bring yoga back down to earth in a lighthearted way. You can follow along via social media (@thesocialyoga) or visit her site at:www.thesocialyoga.com

As the owner of a nomadic yoga studio, I have had the opportunity to teach and practice in some pretty fun places around town. Below are three of my favourites:


Railtown Café of Railtown (sub-neighbourhood of Gastown)

Railtown is home to some seriously talented local companies that have gone global (think: Herschel, Aritzia) and Railtown Café is the lunchtime watering hole for the employees of these A-list companies. However, before the café opens and before the 9-5’ers trickle into the neighbourhood, the space is a beautiful place to practice. As the sun rises, light streams in from their garage door and there’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve done good for your body while everyone else was asleep. And if that doesn’t sell you on it, well, coming out of savasana to the smell of coffee brewing and fresh breakfast being made should do it.

Photo Credit: Alexa Mazzarello (alexamazzarello.com)
Photo Credit: Alexa Mazzarello (alexamazzarello.com)



33 Acres Brewing of Mount Pleasant

Actually, there may be something better than the smell of coffee and that’s the smell of waffles and beer on a Sunday. For three months last fall, we called 33 Acres Brewing home on Sunday mornings and became so accustomed to the smell of hops that we started to associate the smell of beer with yoga (oh, olfactory nerve, you would). The early morning light hits just right in the beautifully minimalistic (and spacious!) white space and there is no shortage of good vibes around.

Photo Credit: 33 Acres Brewery (33acresbrewing.com)
Photo Credit: Alex Teixeira (amyteixeira.com)



The Soap Dispensary of Mount Pleasant

While this space is a bit tight for yoga, it’s a perfect place for meditation. We line up cushions on the ground and there is plenty of wall space for back support. The Soap Dispensary is absolutely pristine, and totally adorable,. The walls are lined with local, eco-friendly products free from packaging (to help reduce waste in this world). Every time we’ve had a series here, we always leave feeling more educated (Thanks to Linh, the owner) about the little tools and tips we can utilize to reduce our footprint. Of course, we also leave feeling more clear and level-headed- but that’s due to the meditation.


Learn more about the neighbourhoods mentioned above and find out which is the perfect match for you and your lifestyle by visiting Lett.io!


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3 Best Supermarkets in Renfrew-Collingwood, Vancouver

IMG_5401 copy

I had mentioned in a previous blog that growing up, I spent most of my life moving from house to house in a number of East Vancouver neighbourhoods. My parents finally settled in to a home in Renfrew-Collingwood, where I lived with them for almost five years. I moved to Richmond a few years back and although the food in Richmond, where I currently live, is amazing, nothing beats a home cooked meal… especially from my mom.

I’ve been insanely busy as a result of our pending beta-launch and with our Lett office now located on Victoria Drive, I’m close enough to my parents house to enjoy dinner with them most nights out of the week. I’ve always asked my mom to teach me how to cook, but she’s adamant that I’m hopeless. I think she mostly keeps this a secret because she wants me to have more reasons to come visit her. She does, however, regularly profess that her cooking is better than restaurant food because ‘it’s faster, it’s more fresh, and it’s made with love.” I’m already a safety hazard as it is, so I definitely don’t think cooking faster is in anyone’s best interest. I’m not sure if I can cook with love if I’m mostly anxious, so that’s hopeless too. The one thing that I can control are the quality of my ingredients.

She was the perfect person to go to when formulating this list. “So Mom, where do you get your groceries close to home?” It’s no wonder her food is as delicious as it is, to this, she suddenly perked up. She typically takes a couple of hours to browse the fresh markets in Chinatown in between transit from work to home – this is where she finds the best ingredients for our meals. When she’s pressed for time, these are her ‘3 Best Supermarkets in Renfrew-Collingwood’:

1. Chong Lee Supermarket on Rupert Street

The best place in the neighbourhood for fresh protein. She comes to this family-owned Asian supermarket for fresh cut deli meats and daily catches of fish from every part of the ocean… from salmon head to yellow fin tuna. The best part is that they not only clean, but also cut the fish. Chong Lee by far is the most affordable of all Chinese supermarket chains. On special occasions, you can buy traditional ready to serve foods like the sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf. The parking is terrible on the weekends, so my mom recommends that you come here on weekdays or later in the evening.

IMG_5401 copy IMG_5402 copy IMG_5403 copy

2. Joyce 99 on Kingsway

This market isn’t the easiest spot to get to or find parking by, but it’s close to home so my mom typically walks. She loves to browse through their produce discounts – they have a $1 bin at the front – and explore what new items they’ve brought in. For the best prices on fresh fruit and vegetables, this is the spot. She advises against buying most anything else here.

3. Safeway on Kingsway

My mom’s English isn’t the most sophisticated, so when she tells me that she “goes to Safeway for the things Westerners use” I know she’s coming from a good place. She loves that the Safeway has a little Starbucks at the front. This was once the to go Sunday spot on rainy days for my parents… until Tim Horton’s opened up across the street. There’s not much of a surprise with what’s offered at a Safeway, but she likes the best that there is a ton of parking, the staff at this Canadian supermarket chain are always helpful, and there’s a pharmacy. “I always use the phone number ‘6044349881’ to get membership discounts.” We’re not sure who the phone number belongs to, but it works and you’re more than welcome to use it the next time you’re at the register.

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My Hood is Mount Pleasant, Vancouver – Amie Nguyen


Your neighbourhood’s character is a reflection of the people and places that call it home. This week, we’re starting our ‘Your Hood’ series where we’ll be featuring a special personality from each neighbourhood. The first on our list:

Amie Nguyen

is an athlete and sports fanatic at heart. Yes, she’s the Canuck fan featured on those huge billboards all over Vancouver. Currently, she’s the on the Marketing and Social Media Events team at local tech-startup Rosterbot; Stage Production Manager at Veg Expo; and Events Manager at Vancity Buzz. She’s a sports coach, volunteer, musician, entertainer, lifeguard, and everything else in between. She’s grown up in East Vancouver, and currently lives in Mount Pleasant. @amienguyen

10631099_597341563613_3706338645656358920_oWhich is your favourite neighbourhood?

Amie: Almost a year ago I moved to #myHood Mount Pleasant (Main and 10th) and so far, it’s been great!

What about it do you love?

Amie: First, travelling. You can get around really quickly, whether you take the B-Line to a sky train station two minutes away or you hop on the bus and it can take you straight downtown. But really, it’s how you can walk around and everything surrounds you. Patio bars, variety for food (almost every sort of cuisine is available), loads of shopping options, markets, coffee shops, etc. I love lively neighbourhoods – not ones that are totally congested, but ones where people take their time when they walk, listen when you talk, and are just genuinely happy enjoying whatever it is that they’re doing.


Learn more about Mount Pleasant and find your perfect neighbourhood match on Lett.io!



Send us an e-mail at media@lettlife.com and share with us which is your neighbourhood you love and why for a special feature on our blog. If you’re sharing on social media, don’t forget to #myhood.

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