Top 5 Festive things to do in Vancouver


Bright Nights in Stanley Park

This tradition is one that is lasted over the years! It is for kids and adults a like. There are over a million lights that have helped turn Stanley park into a magical holiday forest. The train takes passengers into an epic winter wonderland. While your there don’t forget to check out the parade of trees, visit Santa, and enjoy all that Stanley Park has to offer in the wintertime!


The Nutcracker Downtown Vancouver

This is probably one of the most Christmassy ballets around! You not only get to dress to impress when attending this ballet, it is full of good feelings and amazing pageantry. It’s great to see the theatre all dressed up, surrounded by beautiful Christmas décor. Supporting the arts is also huge, and its win! You have to check the nutcracker this winter season.



This is the largest light maze in BC, maybe even the world! It also hosts an epic market, and is home to delicious food trucks! Located under the Cambie street bridge in Vancouver this breathtaking array of lights is a must see if you’re in town this winter season! Be sure to get your tickets in advance as it is known to be sold out!


Robson Square

This year Robson Square is home to the giant Christmas tree! Not only can you skate for free under the dome, you can also bask in the glory of the amazingly decorated and lit up Christmas trees that have found their new home at Robson Square. A Favourite past time has been skating in that dome since the 2010 Olympics. Be sure to check it out, especially if you’re on a tight budget!


Peak of Grouse Mountain

We’re big fans of twinkly lights! The Peak at grouse not only has a beautiful ice skating rink, a Christmas light walk surrounds it, which is the perfect backdrop for that instagram photo! Take the gondola up and see all that Grouse has to offer in the wintertime!


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10 things to know before moving to Vancouver


It is one of the prettiest cities in the world.

We have oceans and mountains, and so much greenery. You’ll be able to anything outdoorsy whenever you’d want. Plus with our mild weather it is a treat to drive 30 minutes to get your snow fixes on the slopes for a day.

You might find it hard to find a place to live

Not to worry though! Lett can help with this, just check out our services at Vacancy rates in Vancouver a usually lower than 1%, but there is always hope! Places don’t spend a lot of time on the market, so you have to be quick and know what you’re doing to land a place!

Make sure you know where you’re moving in terms of different neighbourhoods

Are you a Hipster? Yogi? Business Professional? Health Nut? Vancouver has neighbourhoods for all different kinds of people, make sure you end up in the one that suits you best! They are all different and unique so this is important!

Everyone is super chill.

We have a laid back culture here on the west coast, and you’ll notice that no one here is ever really in a huge rush, there isn’t much angst, and you’ll enjoy the layered chill atmosphere.

It is not hard to make friends

Most people here are from somewhere else, and you can find a great group of friends and enjoy the city even more!

The city is home to Hipsters

We are embedded in a sick music scene, and an epic art scene. We enjoy our coffee, and trendy doughnuts. We’re home to an epic start up scene, and it’s a great place to live if you share the same loves!

Rain doesn’t stop anyone here.

You don’t get to stay inside on the rainy days here. It rains all the time, so we put on our rain jackets, take out our umbrellas, and make sure our feet stay dry and trudge through!

Umbrella Class

Make sure you don’t be an umbrella side walk hog with a giant umbrella, also make sure you lift your umbrella when approaching someone! Always leave wet umbrellas outside to dry – because bringing them inside just creates a sopping mess! On the plus side most restaurants have a bin to put your umbrellas in!

We Smoke Weed

Probably another reason some of us are so laid back. Medical Marijuana dispensaries are all over Vancouver, and if you decide to indulge it is pretty accessible.

We love it here!

We are proud to be from the west coast! We are little weirdo’s and we love where we live! Come join us!

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Summer to Fall


I was confused and alarmed this weekend when I was walking through my neighbourhood to hear crunching of leaves at my feet. How was this happening? I was just settling into summer weather and sleeping in front of my fan. This season always seems to take the longest to arrive and the quickest to leave. I’m hoping for a beautiful September to ease back into scarves and boots, but in the mean time I’m going to hit summer hard this week – I need material for my back to school report on “how did you spend your summer?” Check out what’s on my to-do list:

The Vancouver Mural Festival happened on August 20th and over 35 pieces of street art have been added to the city! It’s a wonderful addition to so many different communities and buildings; I’m so lucky that so many are in my ‘hood’ of Mount Pleasant. If you reside in Vancouver, what a perfect way to spend an afternoon by grabbing a coffee, taking a stroll and checking out the new and old murals the city has to offer (see the map of all the murals here). I personally really enjoyed the one pictured below, the giraffe clearly stole the show – and apparently I’m as tall as a dumpster.

VAG (aka the Vancouver Art Gallery) is in the heart of downtown Vancouver, and I’m embarrassed to admit it took me far too long into my Vancouver life to visit this gallery. It’s weird because whenever I visit a new place or city, museums and art galleries are always on the top of my list; I guess I just took for granted the VAG would always be there. Anyways! I went to a FUSE event this year and it was fantastic (go see Smashup before September 5th!) I loved the lay out and the architecture: it felt like there were hidden rooms and then all of sudden you’re on a roof top and a dance party is going on. The Picasso exhibit currently on right now is on my to-do list for this week, followed by a beverage on their adorable patio.

We are now nearing October, Pumpkin Spice Season! There is still plenty to enjoy and do around the city! Comment below and let us know what you enjoy most about the Fall!



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Millennials on the Move

fairview copy

Yes we live at home with mom and dad as Millennials, but there is also rationale that proves we are a generation of movers! Research discussed recently on suggests that “59% of 18-35 year olds currently in a locale other than their hometown.” The research also stated that more than 80% of Millennials have moved during some period of their life. We move in search of jobs, happiness projects, and of course… love.

As proven by social media this generation of people loves to share their lives and travels. They are a completely diverse group of individuals and happen to be the most in tune with tech in terms of generations we’ve seen…yet. Another survey conducted by, of “1,000 U.S. renters between the ages of 18 and 34, Millennial’s have one other thing they’re known for: They’re a generation of movers.”

The world is their oyster! With technology connecting us in a way it never has before not only is the whole world this generations dating pool – it also allows for their resume to be viewed across the globe. So we get to move wherever we want, and work wherever we want, and love whomever we want. We’re more connected than we have ever been! Why not explore this crazy world we live in!

While some Millennials move for work, others move for new experiences. This generation seems to be chasing something, and are always looking for the next adventure. It’s because we have the world at our feet, and it’s in desperate need of exploring. Not only do we learn in classrooms, but we’re able to learn in different places, and about different cultures by immersing ourselves into them physically! In an era where mental health is on the forefront of everyone’s minds Millennials find themselves moving to help themselves feel better. Healthy mindset is important to this generation of people and they move to places that better fit their lifestyles and over all happiness.

The Forbes and the article also goes on to suggest that another reason Millennial’s move is that they fall in love with someone that doesn’t live where they are from. It is said that 46% have moved for love. Seeing has geographic location doesn’t have a limit when you are technology based, people fall in love all over the world. Millennials are a generation that will move across the country in the overall pursuit of love and relationship bliss.

With apps like Tinder, Bumble, and all other online dating sites – dating outside of your zip code is simpler than ever. Why not move across the country for love? What do you have to lose? The thing is Millennials know they can always come back home again. We do live with our parents for extended periods of time after all…

It is important to note that while Millennials seem to be on the move they are still focused on money. Before they make moves they take into account the job market of a city, cost of living, and earning potential. This generation is willing to move to a new place to escape unemployment while also risking the fact that it might be costly to do so. Millennials are moving, and it’s because of technology.


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3 Best Supermarkets in Renfrew-Collingwood, Vancouver

IMG_5401 copy

I had mentioned in a previous blog that growing up, I spent most of my life moving from house to house in a number of East Vancouver neighbourhoods. My parents finally settled in to a home in Renfrew-Collingwood, where I lived with them for almost five years. I moved to Richmond a few years back and although the food in Richmond, where I currently live, is amazing, nothing beats a home cooked meal… especially from my mom.

I’ve been insanely busy as a result of our pending beta-launch and with our Lett office now located on Victoria Drive, I’m close enough to my parents house to enjoy dinner with them most nights out of the week. I’ve always asked my mom to teach me how to cook, but she’s adamant that I’m hopeless. I think she mostly keeps this a secret because she wants me to have more reasons to come visit her. She does, however, regularly profess that her cooking is better than restaurant food because ‘it’s faster, it’s more fresh, and it’s made with love.” I’m already a safety hazard as it is, so I definitely don’t think cooking faster is in anyone’s best interest. I’m not sure if I can cook with love if I’m mostly anxious, so that’s hopeless too. The one thing that I can control are the quality of my ingredients.

She was the perfect person to go to when formulating this list. “So Mom, where do you get your groceries close to home?” It’s no wonder her food is as delicious as it is, to this, she suddenly perked up. She typically takes a couple of hours to browse the fresh markets in Chinatown in between transit from work to home – this is where she finds the best ingredients for our meals. When she’s pressed for time, these are her ‘3 Best Supermarkets in Renfrew-Collingwood’:

1. Chong Lee Supermarket on Rupert Street

The best place in the neighbourhood for fresh protein. She comes to this family-owned Asian supermarket for fresh cut deli meats and daily catches of fish from every part of the ocean… from salmon head to yellow fin tuna. The best part is that they not only clean, but also cut the fish. Chong Lee by far is the most affordable of all Chinese supermarket chains. On special occasions, you can buy traditional ready to serve foods like the sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf. The parking is terrible on the weekends, so my mom recommends that you come here on weekdays or later in the evening.

IMG_5401 copy IMG_5402 copy IMG_5403 copy

2. Joyce 99 on Kingsway

This market isn’t the easiest spot to get to or find parking by, but it’s close to home so my mom typically walks. She loves to browse through their produce discounts – they have a $1 bin at the front – and explore what new items they’ve brought in. For the best prices on fresh fruit and vegetables, this is the spot. She advises against buying most anything else here.

3. Safeway on Kingsway

My mom’s English isn’t the most sophisticated, so when she tells me that she “goes to Safeway for the things Westerners use” I know she’s coming from a good place. She loves that the Safeway has a little Starbucks at the front. This was once the to go Sunday spot on rainy days for my parents… until Tim Horton’s opened up across the street. There’s not much of a surprise with what’s offered at a Safeway, but she likes the best that there is a ton of parking, the staff at this Canadian supermarket chain are always helpful, and there’s a pharmacy. “I always use the phone number ‘6044349881’ to get membership discounts.” We’re not sure who the phone number belongs to, but it works and you’re more than welcome to use it the next time you’re at the register.

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My Hood is Mission Dolores, San Francisco – Blake McCammon


Hackathon Producer and Unicorn Lover, Blake McCammon is the CMO/Co-Founder of Protohack and Events & Marketing Manager of Looksharp. He’s originally from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, lived in Denver, Colardo and now calls San Francisco, California home. @rblake

blakeWhat’s your hood?

Blake: #myHood is Mission Dolores (more popularly known as the Mission)

What about this neighbourhood do you love?

Blake: I am basically in the heart of San Francisco. I live within walking distances to the greatest number of nightlife, grocery stores, shops, and I’m a quick 7 minute MUNI ride downtown.

What’s something only a local would know about this neighbourhood?

Blake: If there was one hidden secret, it would be that Dolores Park is the place to be on Sunday afternoons. Lots of people, fun, and drinking in the park!

What’s something you’d share with someone new to the neighbourhood?

Blake: It’s the best neighborhood in San Francisco! I would tell them about all the bars and shops that they can get to by walking.

What’s your favourite spot in the neighbourhood?

Blake: There is a bar called Blackbird that serves amazing cocktails.

Mission Dolores on a beautiful, busy Sunday afternoon

Learn more about neighbourhoods around you and find your perfect match at!

Send us an e-mail at and share with us which is your neighbourhood you love and why for a special feature on our blog. If you’re sharing on social media, don’t forget to #myhood.

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